2020 Conference

Update 3/12/20: ELM postponed until (at least) September (tentative plan for around 9/22-24; TBC, do not book travel at this point!)
As the COVID-19 global health crisis is unfolding, we have been assessing our options for ELM. Given that we still have ample time to make adjustments, we much prefer to have an actual conference at a later date (rather thang having to go virtual last minute or cancel). And there is simply too much uncertainty around travel between now and June to allow for everyone to make plans in a reasonable and timely way.

Consequently, we are working on postponing ELM to September, tentatively to (around) September 22-24. Details are still work in progress, but we wanted to alert everyone sooner rather than later of this development. Presenters should let us know if that timing presents any hardships or means that they are unable to attend. We may be able to consider virtual presentations for those who cannot make it. We will share further details with all presenters as they take shape.

We’re proud to host the first Experiments on Linguistic Meaning (ELM*) Conference at Penn from June 10 – 12, 2020.

Invited Speakers:

David Barner
(Psychology and Linguistics, UCSD )

Suzi Lima
(Linguistics, University of Toronto)

Jonathan Phillips
(Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Philosophy, Dartmouth)

Maribel Romero
(Linguistics, University of Konstanz)

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*By coincidence, two conferences with the acronym ELM were conceived of at the same time. If you’re looking for our friends at the other ELM, click here: Expression, Language, Music (ELM 2020)