2020 Conference

Update 7/1/20: ELM to be held Online, September 16-18, 2020

In light of the continued COVID-19 crisis as well as restrictions on campus activities at Penn in the fall, we are now offically committing to switching to a fully online format for the conference. This comes with another slight shift in dates: when scrambling for plans for an inital postponed date, still with faint hopes for an in-person event, space constraints limited our options, and we wound up with a very unfortunate overlap with Rosh Hashanah. To avoid this, we’re shifting to Wed-Fri, September 16-18, 2020.

The overall format of the conference will be similar to what was originally planned, though we will try to distribute events evenly over three full days (rather than 2 1/2) to adjust times at least somewhat for time-zone compatibility. Talks will be 20 minutes + 10 for discussion, as before. We are thinking through various ideas for enhancing the poster session in the online format, and to allow for other opportunities for informal connection, since community building was a major motivation for us. On that note, be assured that we are already beginning plans for a second, in-person ELM at Penn in June 2022!

While this will not be the start for ELM that we had envisioned, we are excited to see all the high quality work presented, and are confident that with the many lessons learned for virtual formats in the meantime, the conference will be a success. If you have ideas or suggestions based on online conference experiences so far, we are more than happy to take those into consideration!

We’re proud to host the first Experiments on Linguistic Meaning (ELM*) Conference Online, from September 16-18, 2020.

Invited Speakers:

David Barner
(Psychology and Linguistics, UCSD )

Suzi Lima
(Linguistics, University of Toronto)

Jonathan Phillips
(Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Philosophy, Dartmouth)

Maribel Romero
(Linguistics, University of Konstanz)

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*By coincidence, two conferences with the acronym ELM were conceived of at the same time. If you’re looking for our friends at the other ELM, click here: Expression, Language, Music (ELM 2020)