In Person Attendance Logistics

Map Overview of Campus Locations

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Getting around:

–          Covid regulations & Masking: 

  • We will ask everyone to mask indoors when not eating, and in particular during conference session with many people gather in closed space. (Presenters will be allowed to take off masks while presenting.) Outside of conference sessions, there’ll be ample opportunity and space to congregate outside as desired.
  • FYI, in case of exposure or positive COVID test, Penn’s current guidance for Penn personnel is as follows:

–          WiFi Info: Penn offers two options for visitors to campus (Note that eduroam through your home institutions typically requires prior configuration there):

  • AirPennNet-Guest
    Getting a guest connected to the AirPennNet Guest wireless network is now a lot easier. Vendors, suppliers, presenters, and any other type of guest you host simply register their email address on a web form to be given access to AirPennNet Guest. To get connected, guests just need to:

1.      Select AirPennNet-Guest from the list of wireless networks that appear on their device.

2.      Open a web browser.

3.      Review and accept the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions.

4.      Enter a valid email address.

5.      Click Submit.

Access will expire at midnight each day so guests will need renew their registration on a daily basis.

  • eduroam
    Visitors to Penn from other institutions that participate in eduroam should obtain configuration instructions and installation software from their home institution.

–          DUE THURSDAY 5/12: Conference Dinner registration – We’re holding an informal Conference Dinner on Thursday, 5/19, at 6:30 in the SAIL room and Lobby of Levin (main conference venue). Given conference planning uncertainties during COVID times, we opted to not charge any registration fees to keep things simple. As a consequence, we have to ask everyone attending the dinner to pay to cover the catering costs of $35 per person (ideally to be paid by Venmo, PayPal). While we know this will be a substantial amount for many attendees, we sincerely hope all of you can attend, and please do reach out if the cost poses an issue for you.