ELM 1 – 2020

We were proud to host the first Experiments on Linguistic Meaning (ELM*) Conference Online, from September 16-18, 2020.

  • The main ELM event was live/synchronous, with both live talks and poster sessions, but there are also asynchronous components. See Virtual Event Information for more details
  • We used Campuswire, a versatile class and event forum, as the main platform for ELM. This provided one space for all aspects of ELM, including video conferencing for live poster sessions, discussion forums and chatrooms for presentations, and other activities and sessions. Read more here.

Post-Conference updates:

  • All talk videos are now linked from the program pages on Campuswire (Day 1Day 2Day 3), and almost all are also linked on the program page on the website)
  • The ELM group on Campuswire will remain open indefinitely, and we hope that this will provide a place for ongoing discussions that got started at the conference. To stay engaged:
    • Check your notification preferences under settings – you probably will want to get email notifications if someone @-mentions you or adds you to a group.
    • Presenters are encouraged to keep an eye on their presentation’s chatroom and respond to incoming comments and questions there
    • Remember that you can add yourself – or others – to any given (non-private) chatroom, so if you want to comment on any presentations, just join the relevant room (list here) and fire away!
    • To maximize chances of relevant people seeing your chatroom messages, you should @-mention them (if they’re not already a member of the chatroom, you’ll need to add them, first; see Using Chatrooms for details), which is likely to alert that person with a notification email (if they followed the advice above about notification settings)
  • New people are welcome to join the Campuswire group at any time! There are several ways this can be brought about:
    • Fill out the registration form for the conference
    • Get a direct invitation via email from someone that’s already a member.
    • For people with an ‘.edu’ or ‘ac.uk’ email address (as Campuswire is limited to those by default w/o an explicit invitation to a group), go to the following link to sign yourself up: https://campuswire.com/p/G1EE4F011 

      Individuals, lab groups and classes that want access to talks, and also want to connect with the authors in the chatrooms, can add themselves to the ELM group and they can join the fun!
  • As a brief impression of how things went in terms of numbers: We had over 500 people join Campuswire, just under 500 people, from over 40 countries joined us for Zoom Webinar talk sessions, for an average of 190 minutes. Peak attendance was just over 200, and the average talk session had around 140 people (joining for at least some part throughout the session).

Invited Speakers:

David Barner
(Psychology and Linguistics, UCSD )

Suzi Lima
(Linguistics, University of Toronto)

Jonathan Phillips
(Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Philosophy, Dartmouth)

Maribel Romero
(Linguistics, University of Konstanz)

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*By coincidence, two conferences with the acronym ELM were conceived of at the same time. If you’re looking for our friends at the other ELM, click here: Expression, Language, Music (ELM 2020)