Info for ELM 3 Presenters

Talks (including online short talks)

To accommodate the hybrid format, slightly different logistics are involved for virtual and in-person talk presenters.

  • Virtual presenters will share their own screen on Zoom as standard at online conferences. We assume everyone is familiar with this by now, so won’t provide further details here unless anyone asks for them. (Be sure to select ‘share audio’ if you have any sounds to play back.)
  • In-person presenters: To coordinate streaming on Zoom and the on-site AV system, we ask that you project your slides from the computer in the room of the event. (More details to follow.)
  • All full talks (in person and online) will be 20 minutes + 10 minutes of discussion
  • Online short talks (virtual poster-equivalent) will take place in parallel session, with 10 minutes time slots (5 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

All in person talks will be hybrid, with Zoom streaming and full Q&A participation for online attendees.

Posters (in person)

There will be two poster sessions (one on each in person day). We will have easels and poster boards, which are 4 feet x 3 feet (so that is the maximum poster size).