ELM 3 – In Person Attendance Logistics

Map Overview of Campus Locations

Also see In Person Info & Dining & Drinking

On Thursday & Friday, lunch and coffee breaks will be provided in the SAIL room (111), and attendees are welcome to eat outside and/or in the lobby spaces as well.

WiFi Info

Penn offers two options for visitors to campus (Note that eduroam through your home institutions typically requires prior configuration there):

Visitors to Penn from other institutions that participate in eduroam should obtain configuration instructions and installation software from their home institution.

Campus guests can also connect to the AirPennNet Guest wireless network . Simply register your email address on a web form that opens when you connect to be given access to AirPennNet Guest. To get connected, guests just need to:

1.      Select AirPennNet-Guest from the list of wireless networks that appear on their device.

2.      Open a web browser.

3.      Review and accept the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions.

4.      Enter a valid email address.

5.      Click Submit.

Access will expire at midnight each day so guests will need renew their registration on a daily basis.


  • The Levin Building is located at 425 S. University Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104. The building is accessible via steps or ramp at the University Avenue entrance, and also has a rear entrance on the ground floor. 
  • Main sessions will be held in the Levin Building Auditorium on the lower level of the building, accessible via stairs or elevator. Breaks, refreshments and lunch will be held in room 111 Levin Building, located on the first floor. 
  • Restroom facilities and water fountains are available on both the first floor and the lower level of the Levin Building. Gender-neutral restrooms are located between the two floors, on the Levin Building Mezzanine level. The Mezzanine is accessible via short staircase, or elevator.

Informal Dinner on Thursday at Love City Brewing

Those registered for Dinner on Thursday at Love City Brewing should head over there soon after the end of the conference at 5:30 – feel free to coordinate traveling together on EdDiscussion. Start time is about 6:30. You can take public transportation and walk a bit, it takes 35-40 minutes total. The easiest option is to take the trolley underground at the 37th & Spruce (any East-bound trolley will do) and go all the way to the 13th street trolley station (the final stop, just past city hall). From there it’s about a 20 minute walk, which takes you through Chinatown (While Philly’s urban environs can be a little rough looking, this walk should not take you through any unsafe areas.) Of course you can also use ride shares services or a taxi (again, feel free to coordinate on EdDiscussion).

We have the Gardens space, across from the main Love City inside location, reserved (with seating and some cover in case of inclement weather). Dinner will include a 2-hour window of an open bar for beer and wine (as well as water and soft drinks), with the option of buying other beverages. There will be appetizers, pizza, pasta, and salad, but you’ll also have the option of placing individual orders for other items with the local food vendor, Viva Pizza.

After the 2 hour window, we can stay in the Gardens space for another hour and you can order more on your own. For anyone staying for longer, there should be plenty of space at the brewery across the street later on.

Friday Informal Social Gathering / Conference Wind-down

After the conference ends on Friday, we’ll have an informal social gathering with some things to munch on.

The precise dinner location will be shared with registered participants by email, but you’ll be headed close to 49th & Baltimore Ave. You can walk (about 1/2 hour according to Google Maps; probably faster for most people’s walking speed); take trolley #34; or, of course, drive or catch a ride (the latter may especially be worth it if you team up with others; should only be $10-15). If you’re heading back out from 30th street station that night, trolley 34 will also take you right back to there in about 15 minutes, just bear in mind that they won’t run that often Friday evening/night (probably about every 20 minutes).

We’ll have a few basic drink options, but you’re also welcome to BYOB (bring your own beverage/booze). If you want to purchase alcohol to bring, there’s various options both close to the event venue and to the dinner venue: