Attending ELM 2


Zoom links for virtual day and online participation will be posted Tuesday on website schedule and also included in program & abstract booklet pdf.

In person locations:

All main session will take place in the Tedori Family Auditorium in the Levin Building.

Parallel sessions will take place in rooms 100, 101, 200, and 202 of the Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics.

Note: Buildings are access restricted – there are security guards that can let you in with your ELM name tag, and we’ll have people by the door between sessions. Please arrive a few minutes early to avoid delays. 

Also see: Local Info, Campus Map with venue and dining locations, In Person Attendance Logistics, and Drinking & Dining

Q&A procedures

Q&A will be similar across online and in person presentations – details for each below. Additional asynchronous discussion space at EdDiscussion

Parallel Sessions – Additional Q&A Format notes:

  • There will be 5 minutes presentations, each followed by 4 minutes of individual discussion/Q&A period;
  • This is followed by general session Q&A (last 15+ minutes of session), with slightly different structure:
  • Online: Each presentation has a breakout room. Attendees can both interact with presenters individually there, or stay for general discussion in main room.
    Presenters will monitor their room and go there immediately if others join and they’re not there.
  • In person: After individual presentations and discussions, all presenters come up front for general discussion, with initial priority for online audience; this can shift into individual in-room discussions and mingling as is desired and appropriate, to allow for one-on-one interactions (as online participation is not feasible at that point, please resort to EdDiscussion for follow up questions and discussion)

Online participants

  • Chat is open throughout, but please refrain from non-question chat during question period; 
  • To be able to continue ongoing discussions later beyond Zoom session [we won’t share transcripts], consider posting / copy-pasting on EdDiscussion 
  • Q&A procedure:
    • Type q in chat OR
    • enter your question for chair to read out
    • Please ask one question at a time only to give others a chance for questions as well

In person participants

  • The session chair will call on in person attendees that have a question
  • In the main session, there will be a line in one of the aisles with a mic for anyone asking a question in person – this needs to be used so that both in person and Zoom audiences can hear the question clearly. (the parallel sessions have audience mics in the room)
  • In person questions will be alternated with questions from Zoom

Discussion Platform: EdDiscussion

All registered participants should have received an invitation to EdDiscussion, where there are posts for each presentation that can serve as starting point for discussions in the comments. (If you didn’t receive one, reach out to Florian.)

You can filter posts by session or individual category in the navigation bar on the left, search all posts, or filter them by status.

To follow discussion in a given post, click the ‘watch’ icon on top right of post.

Adjust notification settings as desired in Settings under your account icon on top right of page.

See this comment on pinned post for screenshots/more details

In person: Covid Regulations & Masking:

  • We will ask everyone to mask indoors when not eating, and in particular during conference session with many people gather in closed space. (Presenters will be allowed to take off masks while presenting.) Outside of conference sessions, there’ll be ample opportunity and space to congregate outside as desired.
  • Visitors to campus have to check in daily via PennOpen Campus Visitor Screening (Instructions). (Penn affiliates should use PennOpen Pass as usual).
  • For up-to-date Penn COVID guidance for visitors (which could change at any point), please see the Visitors Page, as well as Penn’s main page on Public Health Guidance.
  • FYI, in case of exposure or positive COVID test, Penn’s current guidance for Penn personnel is as follows: