ELM 2 Program

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Main Session Schedule (Abstracts linked from titles; click on day-tabs to switch days):

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All in-person Main sessions are held in the Tedori Auditorium in the Levin Building.


Chair: Shane Steinert-Threlkeld.

Tech host: June Choe
09:00-9:251Can neural networks identify speaker commitment?Marie-Catherine de Marneffe
09:25-9:502 Learning Grounded Word RepresentationsEllie Pavlick
09:50-10:153Montague Grammar InductionAaron White
10:15-:10:454Panel Discussion - Computational Perspectives on Meaningde Marneffe, Pavlick, White

Chair: Vicky Lai.

Tech host: June Choe
11:15-11:45109The role of relevance, competence and priors for scalar implicaturesPolina Tsvilodub, Bob van Tiel and Michael Franke
11:45-12:15140Accounting for free choice: Revisiting the challenge for the implicature approachLyn Tieu, Cory Bill and Jacopo Romoli
12:15-12:4531The investigation of quantity implicatures during typical development: a systematic reviewAnna Teresa Porrini and Luca Surian
12:45-:1:30Lunch Break
Parallel-1.A13:30-14:30Short Talk Session
Parallel-1.B14:45-15:45Short Talk Session

Chair: Judith Tonhauser.

Tech host: June Choe
16:00-16:3077Explanations over Consequences: Explaining Implicit Causality and Consequentiality BiasesTorgrim Solstad and Oliver Bott
16:30-17:00112Learnability and constraints on the semantics of clause-embedding predicatesMora Maldonado, Jennifer Culbertson and Wataru Uegaki
17:00-17:30111Beyond Surprising: English Event Structure in the MazeLisa Levinson
EveningInformal Social Gathering(s)


Chair: Kathryn Davidson.

Tech host: Yiran Chen & June Choe
09:00-10:005Geometry and function in spatial terms: Core and moreBarbara Landau
10:00-10:3054Does causality matter? Impressions of agency influence judgments of both causal and non-casual sentencesSehrang Joo, Sami Yousif, Fabienne Martin, Frank Keil and Joshua Knobe
10:30-11:00Coffee Break

Chair: Gillian Ramchand.

Tech host: Yiran Chen & June Choe
11:00-11:3028A theoretically motivated quantitative model for the interaction between vagueness and implicaturesAlexandre Cremers
11:30-12:00104On a concessive reading of the rise-fall-rise contour: contextual and semantic factorsAlexander Göbel and Michael Wagner
12:00:12:30120Investigating a shared mechanism in the priming of manner and quantity implicature.Joe Cowan and Napoleon Katsos
12:30-13:30Lunch Break
Parallel-213:30-14:30Short Talk Session
Main-2.3 (part presented virtual, streamed on site)

Chair: Aynat Rubinstein.

Tech host: Lefteris Paparounas & Yiran Chen
15:00-15:30107The development of irony comprehension and epistemic vigilance (virtual)Franziska Köder, Olivier Mascaro and Ingrid Lossius Falkum
15:30-16:00145Proportions vs. cardinalities: Comparative ambiguities and the COVID pandemic (in person)Elsi Kaiser
16:00-16:3092Referential domains, priming and the effect of invisible objects (in person)Si On Yoon, Breanna Pratley and Daphna Heller
16:30-17:00Coffee Break

Chair: Einat Shetreet.

Tech host: Lefteris Paparounas
17:00-17:3024Source-Goal asymmetry in motion events: Sources are robustly encoded in memory but overlooked at testYiran Chen, Anna Papafragou and John Trueswell
17:30-18:0075Modelling the Role of Polysemy in Verb CategorizationElizabeth Soper and Jean-Pierre Koenig
18:30Dinner (opt-in; pay your own)


Chair: Jeff Lidz.

Tech host: Yiran Chen & Lefteris Paparounas
09:00-10:006Context, Convention and Coordination:  Insights from Gradable AdjectivesChris Kennedy
10:00-10:301242-year-olds derive mutual exclusivity inferences from contrastive focusGabor Brody, Roman Feiman and Athulya Aravind
10:30-11:00Coffee Break

Chair: Ira Noveck.

Tech host: Yiran Chen & Lefteris Paparounas
11:00-11:30128Lexical Aspect Maps Onto Event ApprehensionUgurcan Vurgun, Yue Ji and Anna Papafragou
11:30-12:00155Perfective accomplishments don't always denote event culmination, even in Russian: Evidence from psycholinguisticsNatasha Kasher and Aviya Hacohen
12:00-12:3044Aspect Processing Across Languages: Visual World Eye Tracking Evidence for Semantic DistinctionsSerge Minor, Gillian Ramchand, Natalia Mitrofanova, Gustavo Guajardo and Myrte Vos
12:30-13:30Lunch Break
Parallel-313:30-14:30Short Talk Session

Chair: Mandy SImons.

Tech host: Yiran Chen & Lefteris Paparounas
15:00-15:3085Negative islands do not block active gap fillingZirui Huang and E. Matthew Husband
15:30-16:0083Less than a Sentence is not Enough - An Eyetracking Study on the Incremental Interpretation of Negative ExpressionsFabian Schlotterbeck and Oliver Bott
16:00-16:30Coffee Break

Chair: Roman Feiman.

Tech host: Yiran Chen & Lefteris Paparounas
16:30-17:307Beyond the sentence: Discourse structural effects on reference resolutionPetra Schumacher
EveningInformal Social Gathering(s)