2020 Conference

We’re proud to host the first Experiments on Linguistic Meaning (ELM*) Conference Online, from September 16-18, 2020. The schedule is now online.

  • The main ELM event will be live/synchronous, with both live talks and poster sessions, but there are also asynchronous components. See Virtual Event Information for more details
  • We have selected Campuswire, a versatile class and event forum, as the main platform for ELM. This will provide one space for all aspects of ELM, including video conferencing for live poster sessions, discussion forums and chatrooms for presentations, and other activities and sessions. Read more here.
  • Presenters are being invited to the ELM group on Campuswire automatically and do not need to register.
  • Non-presenters are asked to register on the Registration page, and will then be invited to Campuswire as well. There are no registration fees.
  • Information for presenters is being sent out by email, and more details will be on the campuswire group.

Invited Speakers:

David Barner
(Psychology and Linguistics, UCSD )

Suzi Lima
(Linguistics, University of Toronto)

Jonathan Phillips
(Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Philosophy, Dartmouth)

Maribel Romero
(Linguistics, University of Konstanz)

About ELM

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*By coincidence, two conferences with the acronym ELM were conceived of at the same time. If you’re looking for our friends at the other ELM, click here: Expression, Language, Music (ELM 2020)